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DOUBLE-TEC combines two detection technologies, Microwave and passive Infrared.

In detection logic AND, DOUBLE-TEC gives an alarm just after it verifies the detected intrusion by means of both technologies, which extremely reduce the chance for false alarm!
By using this technique, a high sensitivity level may be adjusted in both detection technologies without the need of pulse count.

  • Combined PIR & Microwave.
  • Anti-masking, by Microwave- detects moving objects towards detector’s close front.
  • Doesn’t detect spray, stickers or any other static obstacles.
  • Adjustable PIR and Microwave detection sensitivity.
  • Selectable detection technology combination (AND/OR).
  • Memory latched input.
  • Wide-angle (110°) field-of-view.
  • Auto temperature compensation.
  • Automatic adaptation to background noise.
  • Extremely reliable & highly immune to false alarms.
  • A/D signal analyzer.
  • Powerful microprocessor controlled.
  • SPC – Smart Processing Controller.
  • High level of RFI/EMI immunity.
  • Wall, ceiling or corner mounting.


Power Suppy 8 to 15V DC
 Current drain 30mA @ 12V
 Alarm contacts endurance (N.C.) 0.1A/24V DC (Max)
 Anti-masking contacts endurance (N.C.) 0.1A/24V DC (Max)
 Tamper switch contacts (N.C.) 0.1A/24V DC (Max)
 Warm-up time 2 minutes
Alarm time 2 Seconds
Anti-masking relay activation time 2 Seconds
Detection speed 0.1 ~ 5 m/sec.
RFI immunity Greater than 20V/M, DC to 1GHz
Microwave frequency 10.525 GHz
Operating temperature (-)32°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F)
Dimensions 52 x 70 x 105 mm

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