Waterproof, pet immune, outdoor/indoor, dual technology intruder detector that combines 2 independent PIR detection zones for increased reliability, plus microwave sensor. Includes Anti-masking and shock & vibration sensors.

Код: 4605

OUT-SMART is an Outdoor/Indoor dual technology intrusion detector, which maximizes movement detection reliability by combining two independent PIR detection zones and a microwave sensor.
The Upper PIR detection zone is parallel to the ground while the Lower PIR detection zone is diagonal.
Both Upper and Lower PIR detection zone sensitivity levels can be adjusted separately. OUT-SMART will alert only if both PIR detection zones and the supportive microwave radiation are crossed at the same time.

Power Suppy 11 to 14V DC
 Current drain Standby: 35mA (Max), Operation: 70 mA (Max)
 Alarm contacts endurance (N.C.) 15V DC / 20 mA.
 Masking contacts endurance (N.C.) 15V DC / 20 mA.
 Tamper switch contacts (N.C.) 15V DC / 20 mA.
 Warm-up time  1 Minute
 Detection speed  0.1 ~ 5 m/sec.
Alarm time 2 Seconds (Programmable from 1 to 99 Seconds by the optional Remote Control).
 Response time to masking 90 Seconds (Max.)
Anti-masking relay activation time As long as Masking persists (at least 2 seconds)
Motion detection coverage Selectable 900, 1050 or 1200,12 meter
Operating temperature (-)37°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F)