VIBRA-SENS Shock and vibration detector, detector consists of two parts:
1. The sensor which is to be firmly attached to the protected surface.
2. The electronic card which can be placed in a safe location inside the site.

Код: 999

A two-wire cable connects the two parts.
Once the sensor detects Vibration/Shock or Sawing, the Alarm Relay and the LED indicator in the electronic card will activate for 2 seconds.

  • Detects Vibration, Shock and Sawing with unprecedented reliability.
  • Only the detector’s sensor should be mounted on the protected surface, while the electronic card can be placed in a safe location inside the site.
  • Alerts in case of attempt to disconnect or short-circuit the sensor or its connecting cable.
  • Latched memory.
  • Suitable for installation on any grille type (curved or flat), as well as fences & nets.
  • Mounting kit for curved grille included.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor installations.
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity.
  • Tamper switch.
Power Supply 5 to 15V DC
Current drain 11mA @ 12V
Alarm contacts endurance (N.C.) 0.1A/24V DC (Max)
Tamper switch contacts endurance (N.C.) 0.1A/24V DC (Max)
Alarm time 2 Sec.